Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup

March will be here in two days, and it’s bringing more snow with it.  That means soup season is being extended a little bit longer.  I’m here today to share with you one of our favorite, healthy soups for Meatless Monday.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup from Om Nomalicious #meatlessmonday

This Sweet Potato and Black Bean soup started out as this recipe Spicy Sweet Potato Soup I posted before.  That soup is very, very delicious, but I wanted to make it meatless, add more protein, and streamline the cooking process a bit.  I ended up with this amazingly easy and delicious soup.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup from Om Nomalicious #meatlessmonday

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup

1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Onion, Diced
3 Medium Sweet Potatoes, Peeled and Diced
1 Can Black Beans, Rinsed and Drained
4 Cups Veggie Broth
1 Cup Half and Half
1 Tbsp Chili Powder
1/2 Tbsp Cumin
Salt and Pepper, To Taste
Chipotle Powder, To Taste

Heat the olive oil in a pot, add the onion and cook until translucent. Add the sweet potatoes, black beans, broth, and spices.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup from Om Nomalicious #meatlessmonday

Bring the soup to a boil, and allow to simmer until sweet potatoes are tender. This should take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup from Om Nomalicious #meatlessmonday

Add the half and half.

At this point, I usually use my immersion blender to pulse it a bit, leaving a few pieces. We don’t like perfectly smooth soup here. You could definitely blend it all until smooth, too. Other options would be to put some of it in a blender or food processor or use a potato masher (thanks for that suggestion, Megan!).

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup from Om Nomalicious #meatlessmonday

Serve hot with cheese, salsa, sour cream, or whatever else you’d like on top!

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup from Om Nomalicious #meatlessmonday

For a printable version of this recipe, click here!!

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17 Responses to Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup

  1. quilt32 says:

    I know I would love this soup – it contains everything I like. Also like the addition of cheese salsa or sour cream.

  2. Leanna says:

    Looks amazing!! I MUST make this!!

  3. I bet this soup would be a perfect cure for a rainy day 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Stacy says:

    What a beautiful, warming soup, Pam! I love the flavor combination. I’m pinning this one under Comfort Foods!

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  6. It is still pretty cold here and this soup would be perfect for it! I’ve never had sweet potatoes this way but I would love to try it!

    • pamasaurus says:

      You should definitely try it. Sweet potatoes go amazingly with black beans and other southwest flavors. I know you’ll love this!

  7. M. R. says:

    What’s half-and-half …? Apart from having no knowledge of that, this recipe is right up an old vego’s alley – thanks ! 🙂

    • pamasaurus says:

      It’s a mixture of half cream and half milk! You could easily substitute with all cream or all milk!

      • M. R. says:

        Terrific ! – and tell me (only because I have a squillion email posts to look at right now), do you often post vego recipes, Pami ?

      • pamasaurus says:

        I make one vegetarian meal a week, so I post whenever I have something new that I want to share. I don’t post that often, probably once every two weeks. So I guess I post vegetarian about once every two months or so. It just depends what I’ve been cooking lately. Sorry I don’t have a clear answer!

      • M. R. says:

        That’s as clear as it need be ! 🙂

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